About the Prevatt(e) Historical Society

The Prevatt(e) Historical Society was formed on June 23, 1999 as a nonprofit corporation with the express purpose of creating a formal structure to pursue and record family history. Additionally, the Society seeks to

  • stimulate contact among Prevatt/Prevatte family members,
  • to provide care for family cemeteries,
  • and to publish documents and booklets relative to family history; preserving it for
    generations to come

The Prevatt(e) Historical Society holds an annual meeting each spring, and holds a national meeting every four years at a selected location meaningful the to the family.

Find out about the story behind researching the family name and more:

The Prevatt(e) Historical Society Annual Meeting will be in the spring of 2022 in Lumberton, NC.

Please check back for updates

Prevatte Historical Society Formal Logo

Prevatte Historical Society

This website is an effort to document and archive the Prevatt(e) family lineage. Please feel free to contact us, or reach out to this organization through our Facebook page.

Prevatte Historical Society Formal Logo