The Prevatt(e) Family Coat of Arms©

On each side of the blue Coat of Arms there are three “fleur de lis” indicating our origins in France. The words “Freedom-Faith-Fidelity”  are values held by our family. The family name is presented in black letters. There are four drawings representing our history within the Coat of Arms. The open Bible with a cross on top represents our religious heritage as a people of faith. A drawing of the ship “Peter and Anthony”; which brought the Huguenots from England after they had fled France appears on the right side in the middle. The ship landed in Jamestown, Virginia on September 20, 1700. The immigrants settled at Manakintown, Virginia on the south side of the James River. It was there Pierre Prevot (Prevatt) settled and married. His son Peter married Elizabeth and they moved to Craven County, North Carolina on the south side of the Neuse River. They received a land grant in 1739 from the King of England. The soldier at the top of the Coat of Arms indicates that members of our family fought in the Revolutionary War and were known as “Patriots.”  This was true of James, the son of Peter and Elizabeth, whose descendants finally settled in Florida. Thomas, a brother of James, provided food and materials to the Patriots. A fourth drawing is a covered wagon. It indicates how the family spread across the country like the family of Elizabeth Prevatte and Moses Taylor who made the trek across the mountains to Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Coat of Arms Idea By Archie C. Prevatte;
Glenn Hayes, Artist and Designer (rendered February 6, 2008).

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