John Prevatt of Robeson County, NC

Taken from records compiled by the Anne Prevatte Bockstedt Family

Growing up John was very close to his older brother, Furney. This relationship carried into their adult life. John married Mary Bullock when he was twenty-two years old in Robeson County, NC. His brother was married to Mary’s sister Telitha Bullock. Mary and Talitha were the daughters of Lamuel Bullock and Millie Arnette. John and Mary had eight children when Mary died. It is not clear what she died from. Her last child was born in July of 1847. In 1850 she does not appear on the census and her father Lamuel Bullock wrote his will. In the will Lamuel Bullock mentions both Furney and John Prevatt. He also makes provisions for Mary and John’s children. This leads you to believe that Mary was dead by 1850.

John worked as blacksmith and mechanic in order to support his family. In May of 1851 he married Elvy Lewis. She was a young girl of eighteen years. At this time John was forty-one years old and his oldest child, Charles was the same age as Elvy. It must have been very difficult for her being newlywed with a ready-made family. But John and Elvy prospered and had five more children. A picture of Elvy can be found with the family of James Prevatt, her son. Elvy lived with James after the death of John.

John was 52 when he enlisted in N.C. Troops on February 8, 1862, in Robeson County. He was present and accounted for until discharge on October 5, 1862, for “Bright’s” disease of the kidney. This is a general term sometimes used to describe kidney disease when the specific cause is not known. He also had chronic bronchitis. John was a Private.

It is not known where John or Mary were buried. Elvy died in Georgetown County, South Carolina, but is buried in Jenkins Cemetery, Robeson, North Carolina.

Facts about John:

• Born - November 20, 1810, Died – August 1896

• His parents were Thomas Prevatt and Sally West

• His father Thomas Prevatt willed him land in 1838

• Served in the Civil War

• He was a Baptist

• Married Mary Bullock on January 29, 1832, they had eight children, two boys, and six girls

• Charles Prevatt(m) -b. March 20,1833; Denaris Prevatt(f) -b. August 22,1836;

• Elias Prevatt(m) -b. 1938; Caroline Prevatt(f) -b. March 29, 1838;

• Mary Eliza Prevatt(f) -b. 1843; Nancy Prevatt(f) -b. February 13, 1843;

• Charity Prevatt(F) -b. May 28, 1845; Alice “Allis” Prevatt(f) -b. July 16, 1847.

• Mary Bullock Prevatt died about 1849

• John married Elva (Elvy) Lewis May 8, 1851, in Robeson County, NC,

• Elva was born on January 12,1833, and died October 13,1901

• John and Elva had five children, four boys and one girl,

• John Timothy Prevatte(m) -b. October 31, 1854; Robert M. Prevatt(m) -b. December 1859;

• James Prevatt(m) -b. November 1, 1863; Leta Lisis Prevatt(f) -b. August 2, 1866;

• Elias W. Prevatt(m) -b. 1875

John and Elvy Prevat

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